PC-MAC External HDD compatibility?

  Simsy 06:03 23 Jan 07


Son is about to get an iMac, (He's doing graphic design at university), and he already has a PC.

If he gets an external HDD, (or a HDD with external enclosure), for backup, will this be useable by both MAC and PC?

I'm thinking in terms of initial formatting of the HDD.

Thanks in anticipation.



  Taff™ 08:25 23 Jan 07

click here suggests that it can be used by both OS from ex-factory state. (Assuming Mac OS OS X version 10.2 or higher) Not sure in my own mind if you can store both PC & Mac Formats at the same time. Perhaps two partitions would work though.

  Simsy 08:53 23 Jan 07

Two partions wouldn't be the solution as the idea is for the same data to be accessible to both MAC and PC...

Anyone else have anything conclusive?




  Taff™ 09:04 23 Jan 07

click here A Mac Forum that suggests that if the external HDD is formatted in FAT32 (Not NTFS)it will work on both OS`s.

  Simsy 15:44 23 Jan 07

Seems promising!




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