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  paul trotter 17 May 11

PC Advisor has built an iPad app featuring 50 step-by-step tutorials on Windows, PC hardware and software. It's free to download, so if you have an iPad we'd be interested to hear your feedback.

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Paul Trotter, PC Advisor

  bremner 17 May 11

On first viewing it has very useful information.

I have one major issue with it. The menus take up about 30% of the screen leaving only 70% for the information. Personally i would would like to see the menus on one page and when you click on a topic it opens a new full sized window with all the screen avaiable for the information and for all of it to be resizable.

  Forum Editor 17 May 11

I think it's fine - everything worked, and I found the information helpful.

I wasn't worried by the menu.

  ams4127 17 May 11

I'll download and try it later.

  paul trotter 18 May 11

Thanks for the feedback bremner, there's always room for improvement and we hope to do a free update at some point.

  ams4127 18 May 11

I spent about an hour this afternoon on my iPad, in the app store, trying to find it.

I'll try again tomorrow.

  Forum Editor 18 May 11


Just click on Paul's link, and then click on 'View in iTunes' - you can download from there in the normal way.

  ams4127 19 May 11

I got it, thanks FE.

  paul trotter 20 May 11

It should also show up in the App Store results if you search for 'PC Advisor'. Thanks again to everyone who's downloaded it.

  ams4127 20 May 11

It may indeed, be free to download, but it's not free to use.

I'm not complaining, just commenting on the "Free app".


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