Organising photos on imac

  karensmith81 22:59 27 Feb 15

Hi I'm a newbie to the mac and need some guidance about organising my photos. I like to edit photos (using lightroom or photoshop) and like to save the edited versions in their own right. For example, I will have 4 copies of a photo. the original and 3 edited versions and saved separately as photo, photo 1, photo 2, photo 3. I also like to know where the original file is saved and organise them into folders. At the moment, I have my photos saved in documents but find it frustrating that I can't flick between photos but have to open one by one...painful!! Does anyone have suggestions of where I should be organising my photos to achieve the results I am after? Many thanks in advance.

  bremner 09:57 28 Feb 15

Are you not using iPhoto?

  simonjary 07:58 01 Mar 15

There is also a new Apple Photos app coming in 2015.

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