Old Apple monitor --> New PC?

Here's a good one. Have an old Apple monitor which takes a cable with RGB (BNC connectors).

I have the cable for the monitor, but at the PC end the 'D' type doesn't fit a new PC.

There are 2 rows of (7+8) pins on the cable but NEW PC's tend to have 3 rows - if you see what I mean.

So, am I barking up the wrong tree here in hoping I can get the old monitor to work?
Or, can I save myself a couple of hundred notes and get an adapter / new cable from somewhere.

Thanks! in anticipation...


  JerryJay 12:06 23 Feb 04

I do not know if this will work or not, just for info click here

  slimbo51 12:07 23 Feb 04

Ran an old monitor with BNC inputs for ages with a cable I bought from Maplins.

Still got it here and just looking at it.

5 BNC Conectors:
1-red,1-green,1-blue, 1-vertical sync, 1-horz sync.

Other end standard 3 row "D" plug for graphics plug.

Cost about £20.00 if I remember correctly.

They used to make 2 versions, one has 4 lines where horz and vert sync are combined and my version which has seperate sync's.

  slimbo51 12:22 23 Feb 04

Just had a look on Maplins, they don't do these cables any more.

I'm sure someone, somewhere will though.

Guys thanks a lot for your time and effort..

Shame Maplin don't do them any more, their quite nifty for stuff like that normally.

Interestingly, the old lead I have only has R, G and B (no sync). Some say it might be composite in the Green - so that may make another technical difficulty.

Perhaps a monitor manufacturer an help me?

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