The nutter machine has shipped!

  Kate B 00:26 18 May 05

Er, that's it. Due on Thursday ... will keep you posted!

  g0slp 03:06 18 May 05

Don't forget to warn your local electricity supplier to get another genset on line before you fire the machine up, Kate! ;-))


  Indigo 1 11:35 18 May 05

So what's the specs then ??

Not all of us have been following your quest for the ultimate 'nutter machine', but might be interested all the same.

  justme 12:04 18 May 05

For the specification click here

  wiz-king 14:17 18 May 05

I hope the courier doesn't loose it, or deliver it to the wrong address. Or plead 'Someones nicked it off the van, Guv'.

  Indigo 1 15:56 18 May 05

Oooooooooooooooooh !

Drool, dribble, swoon etc etc.

I have just spent half the afternon trying to decide whether I should buy myself a shiny new stainless steel keyboard for £25 and decided it was too expensive !

Nice one Kate, make sure you put it to seriously good use.

I hate it when I see all singing all dancing top of the range, high spec PC's going to waste in peoples spare rooms. You know the ones I mean, they have to have the latest, fastest and bestest just to outdo their mates and then realise they don't really have a use for it except for emails once a week and it sits there throbbing with pent-up energy, gathering dust.

The one I use is only slightly better than your old one but plenty fast and stable enough for my humble purposes, I will wait for the new BTX form factors to become mainstream before I decide to upgrade again.

I am sure you will enjoy it to the full.


  Bleep 16:52 18 May 05

Damm and to think the Xbox 360 will launch in 5 months and be a more powerful games machine @ £300...

  Curio 18:08 18 May 05

May your pleasures be great and your Gremlins few.

  Kate B 21:02 18 May 05

thanks, guys, for the good wishes. It's due to arrive tomorrow ... I can't wait!

  Djohn 00:48 19 May 05

Enjoy every minute Kate B. :o)

Has it arrived yet?

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