No Graphics on a MAC

  Procrastinus 08:41 16 May 08

I am trying to help an elderly friend and I know very little about MAC at all, but can operate WinXP. Her problem is that when she opens a page in Safari, all the text comes up satisfactorily but no pictures are shown.. For example, with the Met Office website, no satellite picture is seen but all the text is there. It seem to be the same for all web pages, but picture attachments to an e-mail are shown OK. I am sure something just needs to be enabled/disabled, but what?
Powerbook G4 with OSX 10.2. Thanks for any advice but please keep it simple for a MAC newbie!

  Diemmess 10:01 16 May 08

Much as I sympathise with your feeling that a simple solution is possible, this is not the best place to find it.

The huge fund of knowledge and experience on this forum is all about PCs

Apple Mac is almost by definition not one of the interests of this forum's members.

You might be lucky, but don't count on it!
Have a look on Google for Mac orientated help places.

  RickyC :-) 11:05 16 May 08

We here at PC Advisor are happy to help our Mac cousins if at all possible (I use my Mac more than my Windows machine - as do a significant number of us in the office). If your friend goes to 'Preferences' for Safari, and clicks on the tab for 'Appearance' there is a tick-box for 'Display images when the page opens'. I would suspect that this box is not ticked on her settings. This should solve the problem.

Software Editor
PC Advisor (and Macworld - click here)

  Procrastinus 12:04 16 May 08

Thank you Software Ed for your suggestion. I am sure it is something simple. I have posted the same question on two MAC forums but I have to say the response is always far better with this forum.
So a general thank you to all who make this a very successful forum

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