new xp machine

  johnnyrocker 19:46 20 Dec 08

hi i have the above with xp pro and while transferring files they appear in a seperate folder of their own i can open them then a subfolder and still have the information, question is can i delete the first one but still retain the information in the second one?


  MAJ 22:12 20 Dec 08

If you delete a folder in a tree, the subfolders will be deleted as well.

  johnnyrocker 16:35 21 Dec 08

that was what i thought, next question is how one gets round it?


  Batch 17:40 21 Dec 08


a) open the folder and only select the items you want to delete


b) move (e.g. drag & drop) the sub-folders / files that you want to keep to somewhere else (e.g. another folder)

  Graham. 17:56 21 Dec 08

Drag all the items out of the folder, then delete the folder.

  johnnyrocker 19:46 21 Dec 08

many thanks for ideas will try it over the holidays.


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