New Mac - Kate B?

  fontenay 07:31 10 Aug 07


I am considering buying a Mac (as a life-time pc user!) and have seen the new ones just brought out which seem, oddly enough, cheaper than the previous range.
Would it still be advisable to wait until Sept/Oct when the new OS comes out do you think?

  tullie 07:34 10 Aug 07

Hope Kates not on holiday for a couple of weeks,why ask individuals?

  fontenay 07:49 10 Aug 07

Merely because KateB I know is well versed in Macs! This does not preclude anybody else answering I hope but this is a pc forum and I would magine there are fewer mac users than pc.

  mgmcc 08:31 10 Aug 07

As with PCs, there's never a "best" time to buy as something new will arrive on the scene as soon as you've spent your hard earned cash!

There's no guarantee that the "Leopard" operating system will be out when expected, so I'd suggest you go ahead now.

[...message posted with Mac OS X 10.4.10]

  Kate B 09:08 10 Aug 07

Yes, I'd definitely wait til Leopard arrives - it looks lovely and you might as well have the latest version of the OS. When your new Mac is getting old, Tiger will feel very old indeed, and as with any new OS, you'll find it harder to get software for the old version as time goes on.

In fact I'm in the market for a new Macbook and I'm also hanging on til October.

  Kate B 09:08 10 Aug 07

Leopard will ship in October - I don't think it will be delayed any further.

  fontenay 09:21 10 Aug 07

Thanks everyone for the answers.

Think I'll wait then Kate.

  bjh 09:27 10 Aug 07

Yes, I would wait. A couple of colleagues of mine are Macaddicts, and they seem to think Leopard is worth the wait for their new machines.

Note I talk with personal knowledge of PC, not Mac, but there are two things that stand as a contrast to the PC (from what they say). Firstly, when it comes out, it will be a stable release from the word go, secondly, although only a move from 10.4 to 10.5, there are a large number of useful improvements.

They generally know what they are talking about (one runs the IT department for a journal printing company) and I guess I'd wait if in your position.

Against that is this possibility: the machines out now are indeed cheaper.... ready for a price hike with the new OS...???... I suspect the saving a few pounds" now might royally pee you off in eight or ten months time.

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