Networking software on RM machines win xp pro.

  D.G,E 20:01 23 Jul 07

I am currently well trying to install a program called smart learning on our schools network.

I have installed it on the local drive which is shared on the school share master system (proxy server) and made client installments on each system which was installed in the c:\ programs.
Every time i start up the program the program cannot locate or connect to the server ?

I can do a standard installment but then i can share the data on each system.

Do i need to install the client installment on the local c: drive not c:\ programs.

Systems - win xp pro - RM system.
Thanks - st Edmunds primary.

  woodchip 20:11 23 Jul 07

Does not make any difference, as long as you make it shared on the server

  D.G,E 20:44 23 Jul 07

The main installment is shared on the local c: drive so i can do client installments on the other systems.

But the client installment on the c:\programs is not shared on each of the 14 systems.

But if i share the client file will the program (smart learning) find the server connection - silly question ?

Or can i simply make a standalone installment on all systems and share the data file on the store box.

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