Macromedia's flash player installed but wont work

  AB's 15:28 28 Jan 07

I have a myspace and have uploaded some videos, i could watch them last week, but now it says i need to install Adobe Flash Player/Macromedia's Flash Player. i do this at their site but it says ive already got it installed? Macromedia's shockwave player is shown in add/remove, but with no size in MB shown for it. I also have something in add/remove called

microluck flash player toolkit
J2SE Runtime Enviroment5.0 update,
java runtime enviroment se v1.4.1_02 and se v1.4.2_05

which i take it is some java player stuff. are they anything to do with the problem? can i remove them?

  sean-278262 15:39 28 Jan 07

I think the microluck flash player toolkit is the cause of the problems as it is pay for software and probably blocking the flash player from playing the videos. Try removing it unless you have paid for it. What internet browser do you use?

  ACOLYTE 15:44 28 Jan 07

Fist off i would update the Java the new version is udate 10 i think,then i would uninstall the tool kit and download/install flash player again.

  skidzy 15:44 28 Jan 07

Flashplayer for IE click here
Flashplayer for Firefox click here

  AB's 16:00 28 Jan 07

Creature of the Nite, at the moment im using avant, but ive tried it in IE, and it dosnt work there either.

Il try all the above suggestions and let you know, Thanks

  AB's 16:04 28 Jan 07

tried to remove microluck flash player toolkit
but add/remove says it does not exist but it does b,coz its on my task bar and ive just opened it [free version]tried the uninstall on its shortcut but get the same message

  anskyber 16:06 28 Jan 07

Flashplayer sometimes requires a complete uninstall using the Adobe uninstaller before the new install works correctly. click here

  AB's 16:14 28 Jan 07

anskyber yep done that il try to reinstal it from the site again.
what about
removing microluck flash player toolkit

ACOLYTE is this the update i need?

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 Update 10

  ACOLYTE 16:16 28 Jan 07

Yeah sounds good sun jave update 10)

  ACOLYTE 16:21 28 Jan 07

One thing i would try,if the tool kit uninstaller is iffy is to re install the tool kit,then uninstall it.I have to point out that doing a search for the tool kit brought up some nasty info in mcafee site advisor,dont know if this was the tool kit itself or just the sites but most were red sites.

  AB's 17:36 28 Jan 07

anyone know where i can Download Microluck Flash Player ToolKit 1.5.0 all the links i find are dead

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