Macromedial Flash Player 7 won't download

  Pappyon 17:40 19 Sep 03

I need the above to access a site I am trying to view, and when I go to theMacromedia download site and click on the download button nothing happens.

There is nothing on their troubleshooting page to advise me what might be wrong, or indeed in past posts to this Helproom.

Any help from forum contributors would be greatly appreciated.

  MAJ 17:51 19 Sep 03

Have you tried disabling your Firewall, I had the same problem th'other day.

  Pappyon 18:02 19 Sep 03

I shut down Zone Alarm and the Windows generic firewall, and the only difference (which could have been coincidental) was a pop-up message which disappeared so quickly I hadn't a chance to read it properly, but it was a warning about a virus, saying something to the effect that I should run the AVG Antivirus program, (which I have installed).

  MAJ 18:05 19 Sep 03

And did you run AVG, Pappyon? What was the result?

  -pops- 18:09 19 Sep 03

I have disabled Flash player on my IE version.

Unfortunately, it does function on Netscape and on Opera so, if you're desperate, download one of these alternative browsers for that Full Internet Experience you seem to be yearning for!!!!

  Pappyon 18:27 19 Sep 03

I run AVG and a virus was detected and deleted, but I don't think it has anything to do with me not being able to download Flash Player, as I went back to the site and tried again, without any luck

The only thing I am yearning for is to get into the Hop and Grape home brew site, and I can't get into it without this thing. I wasn't locked out the last time I went to the site. I wish they wouldn't do these things. Maybe I am naive, but my impression is that these fancy toys have spyware installed in them. I have no time for them at all!

  -pops- 18:31 19 Sep 03

Try Netscape click here

  MAJ 18:35 19 Sep 03

Pappyon, go to this site click here and click on one of the "Available Formats" icons (the ones with the little letter "s" on them) the Flash player should start to download from there, I assume it's Flash Player 7 coz that site used to work for me, now it wants to download another player but I couldn't be bothered downloading it yet. I noticed that to start the download without getting an error message, I had to turn off Zone Alarm.

  Pappyon 19:10 19 Sep 03


Excuse my stupidity. I didn't know which icon to click on as there are so many on that Symantec web page, but I noticed something at the bottom of the page that said "Get Macromedia Flash Player". I clicked on it, and it started downloading without any trouble. I had disabled Zone Alarm again before I went to the page.

I also uninstalled this Flash Player thing from Windows xp, and when I have been to the Hop and Grape site and place my order I will be uninstalling it again. I can't even stick that stupid "Windows Media Player" thing, it annoys me intensely.

  -pops- 19:49 19 Sep 03

There is a program called Flash Switch that allows you to switch Flash on and off.

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