Macromedia flash advert takes 100% of CPU

  boringoldfart 16:18 05 Oct 06

Probably like many others, I have the MSN homepage as my default setting on IE6. This is of course a service paid for by the inclusion of adverts, which normally don't trouble me. However at the weekend there was a very busy advert there (Philips Electrical if you care)which pulsed at us in blue and white symbols in a very intrusive manner. This was apparently a product of Macromedia Flash, and the point of my enquiry is that according to "Task Manager" the CPU was being employed at 100% capacity for as long as I had this particular page on screen. (Not any other pages) Is this normal? Acceptable? Should I worry about it, and if so who do I complain to?

  terryf 16:55 05 Oct 06

If you download a copy of Firefox, they have a useful extension called Adblock. This doesn't solve your problem with IE6 but would mean that you could view the MSN page page and block any obtrusive adverts. You can run either or both browsers as I do because some sites only work in IE but again FF has an extension called IE view which lets you go to IE.
It suits me to have my IE home page set to BBC local weather and FF to Google search

  Technotiger 17:02 05 Oct 06

Hi, "is this normal", yes, nothing to worry about as far as I am aware - I also have MSN as my home page, and I use the Flash player quite a lot.

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