Macro to move to the next available cel in EXCEL

  Pedro Campos 23:46 09 Jul 05

Can anyone tell me how to create a macro that when clicked it will move the selection to the next available cel in Microsoft Excel?

  VoG II 09:36 10 Jul 05

Need a bit more information. Do you want the cell to move up, down, left or right. Does it have to be an empty cell. What is the Rows x Columns area that you want (or is there no limit).

In Tools | Options, Edit tab you can change the action to be taken on pressing Enter in a cell.

  daba 10:32 10 Jul 05

Format the cells you want to move to as "Unprotected". Leave the ones you don't want to move to as "Protected".

Then protect the worksheet.

Now you can hop through the 'upprotected' cells, (ie. the ones you want you data to go into), by using the 'TAB' key.

  Pedro Campos 18:25 10 Jul 05

Basically I want my macro to select the next cell down when clicked eg: I click on the macro and it will select cell A1, click again and select cell A2, again and it selects cell A3 and so on. But i want this on a macro because this is gong to be a part of a much more complex macro.

  VoG II 18:33 10 Jul 05

How about this for starters:

Sub MoveOneRow()

Cells(ActiveCell.Row + 1, 1).Activate

End Sub

  Pedro Campos 20:36 10 Jul 05

You are the best when it comes to macros. It's not the first time that you have helped me with macros. I would like to get in touch with you because i would like you to help me with some work with macros and Excel.

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