MacKeeper - are they genuine ?

  816swim 17:40 22 Feb 17

I have downloaded their 'cleaning' app for speeding up my MacBook.

As they would seem now to be able to look deep into my Mac, I now ask, 'Are they Genuine'.

I know, doing this in the wrong order !!

  Pine Man 18:58 22 Feb 17

That is probably the worst, most dangerous app for a mac.

Get rid of it if you can. It won't let go easily but don't give up.

  HondaMan 19:09 22 Feb 17

I think iCare, from the app store will do the job for you

  Govan1x 22:38 22 Feb 17

All you have to do is google it. Then you will probably want to delete it.

  Pine Man 08:00 23 Feb 17

If you must use something use Onyx.

  Pebblett 18:42 06 Mar 17

Why are they allowed to appear then? If they're no good then they should be made disappear?

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