Macbook problems with using contact groups in mail

  HelenM1955 15:38 09 Feb 16

Hi, I'm getting really stuck with groups in contacts (using apple native apps). I need to be able to update the groups and then use the revised group to forward emails that I have received, or create new mails. I have edited my group in contacts, but can't get this to refresh into mail, so that when I select the group in mail, I get the old list and can't work out how to change it. If this (apparently simple) tasks isn't possible, can you recommend an app that will do it please. I Know that I cannot use groups on the iPad which is bizarre, but work around that by having a few draft mails with the contacts already in them before I go away without my mac. Not something I would expect to have to do in 2016!

  HelenM1955 16:15 09 Feb 16

OK I think that I may have fixed this. For some reason (presumably something I did) there were replica contact groups under "on my mac" which weren't updating and mail was picking up these not the iCloud ones. I have deleted the "on my mac" ones and now the right group seems to be appearing.

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