MacBook Air

  powerless 19:46 15 Jan 08

click here

With an optional SSD if you can afford it.

  simonjary 21:14 15 Jan 08
  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:52 15 Jan 08

the phrase 'terribly flimsy' springs to mind.


  norman47 22:21 15 Jan 08

A 4200 PATA hard drive that went out with the arc.

A low spec core2duo 1.6ghz

and no option to upgrade the ram from 2Gig.

Not to good for a 64bit operating system.

The ordinary macbooks click here have a much better specification.

  norman47 22:24 15 Jan 08

'With an optional SSD if you can afford it.'

Get an Asus click here if you want one to run off flash memory for £220.

You can even put OSX on it, with a few hacks;)))

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