Macabre Question!

Is there any possible scientific way to determine if a severed (Guillotened) head can still see with the eyes and brain more or less unaware of the lack of other body parts?

  onionskin 22:17 23 Oct 10

You should show it a sausage and see if it salivates.

I was expecting less facetious answers! lol

  MAT ALAN 22:25 23 Oct 10

click here

click here

you decide...

  john bunyan 22:25 23 Oct 10

See here:
click here

Interesting answers but it is still a macabre and debatable point!

  john bunyan 22:44 23 Oct 10

Have you some special reason for asking? Surely there are other imponderables that are more worrying = eg what existed before the big bang, how do we tackle global warming etc

Nah, Global warming is a myth invented by governments intent on raising "Green Taxes"

As for the big bang - maybe "God" lit a firecracker way back when!

  Forum Editor 23:30 23 Oct 10

needs a constant supply of oxygen rich blood in order to function. Deprive it of that, and it ceases to function; loss of consciousness is rapidly followed by death.

  onionskin 00:01 24 Oct 10

Just to be on the safe-side, you should turn the head to face the wall when you undress for bed tonight.

  spuds 01:08 24 Oct 10

I don't know the answer, but I bet I know someone who does click here

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