Mac and PC on one monitor?

  pittza 12:37 PM 23 Jun 13

I have just bought a Mac mini with bluetooth keyboard and mouse and was thinking of getting a bluetooth adapter for my old PC so that I can use the new keyboard and mouse as I still need to use the PC frequently but how can I use my old monitor with both, it only has one connection point?

  hastelloy 18:02 PM 23 Jun 13

You need a KVM switch see Amazon. Other suplliers are available.

  hastelloy 18:09 PM 23 Jun 13

Hadn't realised this is a duplicate thread See

  pittza 21:23 PM 23 Jun 13

Just found an old KVM switch I had but it only works for the monitor when the mouse and keyboard are plugged in which I dont want as I am using bluetooth, is there a switch that just operates the monitor?

  spuds 13:56 PM 26 Jun 13

Eco_he appears to have just registered with PCA, and as already posted the same link reference to two other posts?.

One post comes with a warning that the link was blocked, possibly due to a security risk?.


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