Mac monitor but not Mac PC??!!

  g40 14:29 20 Jul 04

I bought a cheap Mac Monitor (Scan 15av)
I want to connect it to a "normal" PC, that is one with a 15pin HD female.
Does anyone know if such an adapter exists and where i might get it?
I would be most gratefull of any assistance,

  Kate B 15:41 20 Jul 04

If it's one of the cinema displays and you've got DVI, here's what you need:

click here

otherwise I have an adaptor for a Mac CRT which I don't use - cost me £30. Email me with an offer if you like.

  Djohn 15:44 20 Jul 04

Kate B Has made a kind offer and as I'm sure she will confirm, the Mac keyboards/mice also work well with a PC especially the keyboard, it's very nice to work with. j.

  Kate B 15:58 20 Jul 04

Djohn, yup, love my Mac keyboard and mouse! but you do need to keep a regular mouse to hand, just occasionally you do need the right-click.

  Djohn 16:03 20 Jul 04

Yes, I remember you talking of this last year so went out and bought a keyboard myself. :o)

  Kate B 16:13 20 Jul 04

hey, great Djohn! Glad you're enjoying it. Any minute now you'll be succumbing to one of Apple's sex-on-legs new cinema displays ....

  g40 19:08 20 Jul 04

Thanks guys, as the monitor only cost £5 and is for the purpose of providing a very cheap, basic PC to a very poor friend, £30 is quite a lot to spend, i am trying to keep the overall cost down to £40, i have the PC,Keyboard and mouse,(which cost £30ish to put together) and of course the monitor, which only needs an adapter, thank you anyhoo for the offer Kate B.

  Kate B 09:28 21 Jul 04

g40, you can have it for a fiver which will cover the cost of post and packing. drop me an email and i'll send it to you.

  g40 10:36 21 Jul 04

Youve got to admit it guys, there are some wonderful women out there, thank you so much for the offer Kate B, i will email you asap,
Thanks again,

  Kate B 18:38 21 Jul 04

Glad it's going to a good cause!

  g40 18:58 21 Jul 04

Thanks guys for the advice and thanks to Kate B, my saviour!!
Kate, have emailed you with my email address etc, hope you get the email.

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