Mac laptop vs PC laptop

I have never had a Mac - but I really want a laptop that is light and slim, fast etc so good for traveling. But I will use it for business - word, excel, power point etc and will need to connect to office server and use applications such as filemaker. I'm not v computer literate! My IT manager is very anti Mac - but I'm not sure if justified. Less concerned about budget than weight and functionality.

  northumbria61 14 Nov 11

8 good reasons to consider enter link description here I would have a MAC tomorrow if I needed a new PC or Laptop (which I don't at the moment) I don't have any experience of the MAC but I have had several "plays" with one at my local Comet store. They just look the part! A friend of mine who just happens to be a Computer Engineer has both the 27inch MAC and the MAC Air Book and he says they are in a different league. Almost near impossible to get a virus on a MAC. The Operating System (Snow Leopard) is completely different to Windows and may take a bit of getting used to unless you are considering using the MAC with Windows OS BUT that in my opinion defeats the object. Apart from that I can't advise any further. Good luck and talk sweet to your IT Manager.

  Woolwell 14 Nov 11

You want to make sure that all of the mac versions are fully compatible with the office applications including the server. It should be but check.

The downside of Apple products is the price.


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