douglas1973 20:51 14 Oct 11

A close friend and neighbour is trying (at my suggestion) to change his broadband service provider (Pipex/TalkTalk). Twelve working day have passed since he made a telephone request and he still has not received the MAC Code. What can he do about it? Pipex/TalkTalk are ignoring his complaints. It is all very well for there to be a regulation that states that a code must be given in 5 working days but if the applicant does not get it within this period there seems nothing he/she can do about it since OFCOM will not deal with individual cases! (Very convenient). We have many regulatory authorities in the U.K. but my impression is that most, if not all, are useless.

  The Kestrel 21:03 14 Oct 11

The link below might be helpful.

  The Kestrel 21:08 14 Oct 11
  spuds 23:21 14 Oct 11

As you rightly say, Ofcom will not deal with individuals, but they will record complaints. At present Talk Talk are being given an 'improvement rating' by Ofcom, which isn't going to resolve your problem in the short term.

You could make a direct complaint to the ISP's own Ombudsman/Watchdog though.

  douglas1973 12:24 15 Oct 11

Thanks The Kestrel and spuds. I have passed your advice on to my friend and see what happens. I will keep in touch with you if there is anything of interest.

  douglas1973 17:07 27 Oct 11

Thanks everybody. My friend eventually phoned Pipex complaining that he had not received the MAC code he requested and the person he spoke to said that they had no records of his request! My friend is almost sure it was the person he had spoken to originally! Anyway, he requested a MAC Code again and he received it within 5 days.

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