MAC (2) and extra words

  morddwyd 08:09 10 Apr 14

Just got a MAC from my ISP.

Nothing unusual in that , of course, except that it just arrived in an e-mail, no questions as to why I'm leaving, no special offers to keep my custom, not even a "sorry you're leaving"!

Is this a new initiative by OFCOM,are are they just not bothered about keeping customers any more?

  fourm member 08:49 10 Apr 14

With a previous ISP I got a price reduction every time I made a support call about anything. Then, i got an email saying 'we've realised we're not making any money from you so we're doubling the price'.

Perhaps your ISP has realised your business isn't worth fighting to keep.

  spuds 09:21 10 Apr 14

Reading the many comments on the internet about sales, it would appear that 'personal' contact with a sales team brings better communication results, especially were special "don't leave us" discounts and offers are available.

I suspect that I am not alone, but I left BT many many years ago, but that doesn't stop them sending "we really miss you" literature on a more regular basis of late. The same applies to my present ISP TalkTalk, who seems to have an habit of sending mail, either personally addressed or junk, that they would like me to become one of their important customers.

My view is a simple one. If you use a BT landline, then no matter who you choose, excluding Virgin cable etc, then the service you will receive will probably be the same. Perhaps best the devil you know, than the devil you don't?.

  hastelloy 09:27 10 Apr 14


I couldn't disagree more. My experience of line fault repair when I was with BT was that it took at least a week to fix. With Zen it happens almost next day. I know the repairs are done by BT anyway so it just shows they take more notice of Zen (and probably other ISPs) than they do of me.

  spuds 09:53 10 Apr 14


When I had countless problems with my internet service, the BT OpenReach engineer's always seemed to suggest that they BT "got paid", were they didn't for their own customer's, and that's possibly the reason for swifter service on a BT owned and leased line to other ISP's?.

My reference (devil you know) to service was more about ISP'S own customer service, technical support 'over the phone or email' actions, especially if its overseas based.

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