Lexmark Z1420 and a mac.......

  sumospim 09 Oct 11

Hi all, firstly apologies if this ends up being a dumb question... I brought a Lexmark Z1420 wireless printer for my gf and she has a mac.First dumb thing didnt check compatabilty!! Any way, printer came with a Windows cd but no mac. She is running 10.4 but on Lexmark site there are only drivers for 10.5 upwards. Found a driver etc online and have managed to get printer to print by usb but i cant for the life of me get the wireless part to work. The wireless light on the front remains lifeless dispite many hours of fiddling. Has anyone got one of these or able to give me some advice/ steers as i am tearing my hair out...;-) Many, many thanks Simon

  northumbria61 09 Oct 11

Have you shared your printer? Go to Control Panel - Devices & Printers - right click on your Printer - Printer Properties - Sharing Tab - put tick in Share this Printer - Apply - OK.

  sumospim 09 Oct 11

Nope;-). I will try that later... Many thanks

  northumbria61 09 Oct 11

Also have a look here enter link description here expand the table of contents to view all

  northumbria61 09 Oct 11

And there is a LIST to choose from here should you require further info. enter link description here

  sumospim 09 Oct 11

Yep read through all this previously but hadnt shared the printer as of your first suggestion. Its all set up ok but then when i get to Note: 1 Make sure the computer is on. 2 From the Finder desktop, click the Applications folder. 3 From the Applications folder, double-click the Internet Connect icon. 4 From the toolbar, click the AirPort icon. 5 From the Network pop-up menu, select print server XXXXXX, where XXXXXX is the last six digits of the printer's MAC address.

There is no print server in the deop down..

Is that because i havent shared the printer?


  northumbria61 09 Oct 11

Not certain if that is your problem but I would say you need to share the printer

  Crosstrainer2 09 Oct 11

There should be a menu on the printer's display window where you need to enter the IP address of your printer. Details should be in the manual but:


Instructions above. It can be a bit fiddly to do and you should be using wifi, not airport (airport devices are different and Wifi is the way to go.)

In order to enable wifi on the mac, right click the icon on the toolbar and choose enable wifi, then follow the instructions for the printer.

  sumospim 09 Oct 11

Cheers all


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