ipod nano ver 3 - are apple having a laugh??

  smithers jones 23:11 01 May 08

My son has just bought an ipod nano ver 3.

I thought a co. like apple would walk a new customer through their hardware but that's definately not the case, even after logging on to the electronic manual on the website.

In short when you connect to a pc it shows a constant picture of a plug (black and orange) saying "connected, eject before disconnecting."

Apparently this means "clicking the eject button next to the ipod nano in the list of devices in the itunes source list"

What??? Can anybody clarify what this means, I have no idea if the source list should be on my pc screen or ipod screen. After 3 hours of reading and head scratching I have no downloads and no clue how this thing works.

Please help, someone..

  Joe R 23:31 01 May 08

smithers jones,

first you will have to download, the latest version of itunes.

This is a free download, and everything you transfer from your P.C. will be done through this software.

  smithers jones 23:42 01 May 08


There is no prompt for that at all but I'll give it a go.

  setecio 08:13 03 May 08

Then you have to have an apple logo branded onto your forehead ;)

  Mike D 09:03 03 May 08

Well I have said iPod Nano and last night I checked the packaging that it came in and in the quick start guide it clearly states to download iTunes (just after the bit about charging it up). Had it since Christmas and it has not missed a beat. And no, setecio, I didn't have to have the apple logo branded onto my forehead.

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