iPhone 5 battery sapping issues

  Mark-2226784 16:13 30 Jan 15

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6. I gave my wife my iPhone 5 which I had been delighted with, and had caused me no issues. I even upgraded to iOS 8 a few weeks before giving it to her. She has had nothing but poor -dismal battery performance from the phone from the start. Like I did she has the battery indicator icon set to show percentage remaining. But it keeps dying with around 30% showing. 2 days ago it did the same trick with over 50% showing.

She took it to an Apple Genius appointment before Christmas and they cleared out what they said was some micro-debris from inside the lightening port, and she has had it in a protective case ever since. But the problem is far from being resolved.

Can anyone offer a course of action that will restore the battery function?

Many thanks

  Shaunj10 10:44 05 Feb 15

Hi Mark!

I had the same problem with the battery on my iPhone 5s after upgrade and I sent it to click here and I got it back in about 3 days working perfectly. Highly recommend!

  Mark-2226784 10:52 05 Feb 15

The phone was only just over a year old when the problems started happening. Surely it cannot need a replacement battery - Rediculous.

  THill 10:22 09 Feb 15

Hi. I had this problem. Google "Apple iphone 5 battery replacement" and the first link will let you check if you had one of the duff batteries. If you did (I did) then they will replace it for free. You get a brand new iPhone 5 back - with a DECENT battery! Hurry up- the program is being closed on 1st March. Hope this helps Tom

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