Ipad video

  KirstyK 16 Oct 11

If anyone has an ipad, please can you tell me what the video recording time is please?

  Woolwell 16 Oct 11

I'm not sure what you mean. I'm not sure that there is a time limit when recording video on the camera. Storage might be an issue.

  Crosstrainer2 16 Oct 11

Yes, more information needed. Have you upgraded to IOS5? I doubt you could fill your entire remaining capacity unless you have very little left.

I don't use the video feature much on my iPad (64GB) but you would get a warning as you reached the limit of time V space left.

More information:


  KirstyK 17 Oct 11

For example, if I bought an ipad could I do a continuous video recording for 10 hours, eg if it was a wedding?

  gengiscant 17 Oct 11

It would depend on the storage size of your Ipad be it 16GB/32GB or 64GB and how much free space you have, that will determine how much video you can record.

  Woolwell 17 Oct 11

It would almost certainly have to be connected to mains during that time. The video quality is ok but I wouldn't use it for a wedding. It's ok for short bursts but IMO the camera is one of the weak points of the ipad fine for Skype but it doesn't take great photos. You can get a video camera much cheaper.

10 hrs for a wedding continuously?


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