Ipad or Ipad mini (or something else?.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:51 24 May 13

Although I will wander up to John lewis to have a hands on look at both I was wondering if anyone has any views on the merits of either?

I have had an Ipad 2 in the past, cannot remember why I got rid of it so really am looking for views on the mini. Will be used for nothing more than browsing,playing the odd game and a bit of office work (Pages).

Of course major concern is the price, Ipad 4 16GB Wi-Fi £399, Ipad mini 16Gb £269 which is a massive £130 of difference.

I wonder what price the Ipad 2 will go for? Maybe wait and see perhaps.

Or perhaps anorther tablet altogether but I also had the nexus 7 when it first came out and I was not overly impressed.

  northumbria61 12:21 24 May 13

Chronus - ARCHOS 10 inch - I got myself one of these about 3 months ago and find it excellent. Comes supplied with ALL leads and accessories which is great for connecting to TV if required.

It is 16GB but can be increased as it has a mini-sd card slot. I got mine from QVC about 3 months ago and as an added bonus it came with an extra 8GB card. It is almost the same price as the iPad Mini but I got mine on special offer £240.

Take a look at the Tech Specs in this Link and click on Gallery for a short video. Well worth a look.

enter link description here

I am mainly a Desktop user but I find it very useful when sitting watching TV with it on my lap and not having to sit at my PC. Something to look at and fill your day in !!

  spuds 12:42 24 May 13

I also asked a similar question a few months ago, being confused as to what was on offer or 'the best'.

This posting as regenerated my interest, even though I have since purchased a 'cheapo' tablet, more as an experiment. So just checking out eBay, I seem to get Archos 10" either the 101 or Arnova for less than £100.00. So wondering why the price differences?.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:46 24 May 13

Unfortunately I cannot find anywhere local that stocks the Archos so cannot have a hands on. But to be honest I have heard bad things about Archos generally so I think I will discount that particular brand.

  Woolwell 13:00 24 May 13

I'm an Apple fan but the Samsung Galaxy Tabs 7 or 10 inch are quite good. A rival mag recommends the Asus Fonepad with 3G.

The Apple iPad build quality is very good. At an airport security check I dropped mine. A small chunk came off the case that I had put it in and the iPad suffered a small dent on one corner but it didn't blink, the screen remained intact and still works as good as new.

However I remember that you really disliked the iPad. I cannot remember why and suspect that you may not be happy with any tablet. Have you considered a small laptop with touchscreen?

  northumbria61 13:05 24 May 13

Chronus - haven't found any bad things yet so I can only speak of what I have found. Friend of mine got the iPad Mini for Christmas but is a bit annoyed that he has to buy extras - ie: lead to connect to TV £39.99 or £99.99 for wireless.

I do like Apple products but I have to say the Archos suits MY needs. Good luck in your search and decision.

  john bunyan 13:12 24 May 13

I see that Currys are offering 7" Samsung Galaxy2 at about £140 with a £20 off voucher. My granddaughter had one before Christmas and uses it a lot with a (non Bluetooth) keyboard (uses less battery). The software is compatible with Word so she uses dropbox or usb to transfer essays etc to a laptop for editing and printing. She has also been able to put all her iTunes music on to it. At £120 net it seems a bargain versus my wife's 10" iPad 4 Retina at around £500! _But I am comparing apples (pun) with oranges!

  northumbria61 13:15 24 May 13

spuds - the big difference is the Spec. The Arnova is a 7 inch tablet with 1Ghz processor (10in is 1.5Ghz) with 8GB memory (10in is 16GB with a Mini SD card slot yo expand up to 128GB if needed) the OS is different Gingerbread for Arnova (Ice Cream Sandwich for 10inch) and a whole host of differences - hence the big difference in price.

I can only speak as I find and I am more than satisfied with what I have.

  john bunyan 13:17 24 May 13

PS I bought a sd card (I think 16 or maybe 32 Gig ) for the Samsung, which you cannot do with an iPad. It all depends what you want it for. The IPad is the Rolls Royce, but for a pocket sized item for browsing, a bit of Word stuff , the 7" Samsung is good - I think worth having the quite solid little non Bluetooth keyboard is good if you do a lot of typing.

  northumbria61 13:33 24 May 13

spuds - if you are searching for the Archos 10inch - search Archos 10i XS but LINK here enter link description here

  Chronos the 2nd 13:38 24 May 13

Whatever I decide to buy I am not spending any more than the price of the Ipad mini and I really am looking for a hands on experience before I buy so it looks like I am restricted to what John Lewis sell or Currys sell as they are pretty local to me.

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