iPad memory

  superhoops 20:29 18 Dec 10

I wonder if anyone else has the same problem as me since downloading the os 4.2 on their iPad?

I bought an app that would only work on the latest os 4.2. I didn't realise that when I paid for it- Otherwise I would never have upgraded the iPad as I knew I would temporarily lose my jailbreak.

Since upgrading the iPad it has become sluggish and sometimes key presses have no reaction. I have got an app that shows free memory. The available memory goes as low as 8 mb( from 256 mb). If I close the apps from the multitasking bar the memory does increase, despite Apple saying that multitasking doesn't use extra memory. Sometimes the only answer is to do a reset of the iPad, probably once a day.

Combined with Apple changing the screen orientation switch to a mute switch with no option to change it back in the settings I positively despise the os upgrade.


  bremner 21:44 18 Dec 10

Answered your own question really

  superhoops 21:47 18 Dec 10

Hardly. Jailbreaking has never affected the speed or stability.

  bremner 22:07 18 Dec 10

Ignoring whether it is illegal in the UK or not (never tested in a court unlike the US) it has always been the case that Jailbreaking may cause issues with the device.

You have gambled that your 3.2.2 jailbroken iPad would work as well on 4.2 and have found it does not.

Look at the web and you will see 4.2 has been jailbreaked.

  superhoops 22:21 18 Dec 10

Jail breaking, and I have done it since it existed, has never caused me problems- but has added great extra value to the devices. As I removed the jailbreak before it was upgraded I haven't gambled on anything.
And actually, unless the situation has changed today the only jailbreak for 4.2 is tethered which is pointless.

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