Ipad Facebook App

  kingussie 09:10 29 Sep 11

Everytime I switch on my FB app on ipad it immediately switches to a youtube video and plays that. I have tried reinstalling FB but it keeps doing the same and plays either one of two videos. It is only on the app it does it and not if I load FB on Safari...any ideas please ?

  Woolwell 11:10 29 Sep 11

Is this MyPad or another app? I find Flipboard to be quite good. I suspect though that your app is trying to load the last data it had and if you let if refresh it will stop loading the video. You could try clearing Safari's cache.

  Woolwell 11:15 29 Sep 11

If you are using the Facebook iphone app on the ipad (which imo looks bad) then let the first video start (probably in Safari), close it, re-open the app and the second video will start, close it and re-open the app. The problem is the way the app plays posted youtube videos.

  kingussie 12:54 29 Sep 11

Thanks Woolwell..the problem is it seems to take any posted video on FB and downloads that. Have tried clearing cache etc and playing the vids and then stopping them but it keeps bringing both new and old YouTube vids ????!!

  kingussie 13:00 29 Sep 11

It appears that if anyone shares a link on youtube it seems to start automatically then is impossible to remove even after pressing done...only happens on the FB app

  kingussie 13:03 29 Sep 11

Just found out it only happens in news feed..can I change settings on Newsfeed and also can I reset Ipad without losing data ?

  Woolwell 13:32 29 Sep 11

You would seem to be using the iphone ipad app. Have you tried MyPad?

  kingussie 14:06 29 Sep 11

No is it better ?

  kingussie 14:13 29 Sep 11

Just tried Mypad....better !!! and Twitter too !!! thks Woolwell Goodbye Ipad FB app !!

  Woolwell 14:17 29 Sep 11

The Facebook app doesn't fill the screen and if you zoom then the text deteriorates. MyPad is different. It brings in Twitter as well. It's fairly easy to see your messages.

My preference is to use Flipboard for browsing Facebook and Twitter. Although it allows you to comment it isn't easy to post. For Facebook I prefer to use Safari and this is just as quick and tends to make the apps redundant. You can have it open as a second page.

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