iPad Cut , copy and paste

  john bunyan 18 Feb 13

I have just got a new 10" iPad and am on a learning curve. It has the latest IOS6. I would be grateful for help on the copy and paste function. Also I am interested in which functions people use the iPad for in place of a PC. I have iTunes, including iBooks, and have used it for the usual browsing. I am not a gamer, but have used all the TV catch up programmes.I use my desktop for Photoshop and am exploring the photo uses of the iPad. A last question. I synch the iPad with the "mother" PC; for music etc this is fine, but I am not clear what happens with apps - if I download an app on the pad, will it "reverse synch" on to the PC. I have set it to back up on icloud, and believe this should be switched off when synching on a PC?

  rdave13 18 Feb 13
  john bunyan 18 Feb 13


Thanks for link. The video link explained it!

  Woolwell 18 Feb 13

Apps sync with the PC. I don't switch off icloud when syncing. If I have an iPhone app on the iPad then I find that it "appears" on my iPhone. There are a number of apps for editing photos. There's Photoshop Express for example. I tend to import into PC using Photostream and edit there. Usually though my photos go the other way from pc to iPad to be shown through TV or handed round.

  john bunyan 18 Feb 13

Woolwell. Thanks. In the past (iPod) I have downloaded apps, music etc onto PC then synched with i tunes. Now, quite often, the iPad is the first to have an app. I do not synch all the music on cloud, nor all the books, as my granddaughter has used our i tunes account and her tastes ar a "little different" . In other words, in the case of apps, can I reverse synch? - Or keep them on the Pc but (manually) not synch all of them?I do not want to inadvertently lose an app that came with the iPad by synching from a PC that has not got it.

  Woolwell 18 Feb 13

I have some apps on iTunes on my PC that are not currently installed on the iPad but not vice versa. I have not synced with a different pc.

  Woolwell 18 Feb 13

PS I find that my iPad is nearly always the first to have an app. I rarely use iTunes for apps.


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