iPad & Yahoo Messenger - problem with photo-sharing?

  kwil2 16 May 13

Hello... I've been using Yahoo Messenger for Instant Messaging for ages without problems. I communicate with family in America a lot and have always been able to share photos and web-links in real-time, computer to computer. However, they're now using an iPad for which they downloaded the Yahoo Messenger app. I don't have one, so still use my Desktop computer. Communication works as normal but when I came to send a photo, a Yahoo window popped up saying the version on the iPad doesn't allow photo sharing! I can send web-links fine. I realise apps are 'Lite' versions of software, but I can't for the life of me understand how I can IM and send direct links in real time without any problem, but not photos.... Can anyone enlighten me on this problem or suggest a way round it? Many thanks

  Woolwell 16 May 13

I don't use Yahoo Messenger on my iPad but a quick look at the specs indicate that it treats photos as media messages like phone to phone.

Send the photos as attachments to emails or probably a better way is to use something like Flickr

  kwil2 16 May 13

Hi Woolwell...thanks for taking time to reply. I'm well aware of Flickr etc, but the whole point of using Yahoo IM is because you can send photos/links in REAL-TIME, visible on my computer and theirs in seconds while within the Instant Messaging window. That way you can offer immediate comment etc..as they appear. So, rather defeats the purpose of quick comment on the photos if I have to email as attachments, have them opened at the other end and comments sent back to me.... I repeat: previously there was never a problem. It's the iPad version of Yahoo that appears to be the snag. Thanks anyway for the input...

  Woolwell 16 May 13

With the iPad (tablets) you can have only one app open at a time. So I cannot see a way round your problem.


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