iPad 4

  morddwyd 15:15 05 Feb 13

Well, I’ve now had my iPad three days. I think underwhelmed just about covers it and I am left wondering what all the hype is about.

I realise that three days is hardly an exhaustive trial but so far I have discovered nothing it can do that my 15” touch screen laptop running old fashioned Windows 7 does not do bigger (and faster) or that my Galaxy Note 1 does not do smaller (and brighter).

Packing it up ready for return tomorrow. As it was a freebie I can say, honestly for once, “Wouldn’t have one if they were giving them away”!

Obviously it must just be me – sales coming up for 100 mill, they can’t all have been bamboozled by the hype.

  Forum Editor 16:02 05 Feb 13

“Wouldn’t have one if they were giving them away”!

Well, you would be a member of a very small club. I think that perhaps you don't have much need to use a computer on the move, in which case the iPad's capabilities would hardly be in first gear. Your touch screen and your can't go with you on a train/bus or be carried around in one hand, and that's what the iPad is designed to do. If mobile computing isn't your thing you can certainly live without one.

If you do need computing power on the move the iPad is (still) far and away the finest tablet money can buy in what is now a huge market.

  isca2 17:29 05 Feb 13

As it was a freebie and you don't want it, can I give you my address to send it to ?? :-)

  morddwyd 20:22 05 Feb 13

"Your touch screen and your can't go with you on a train/bus or be carried around in one hand,"

My laptop can't but my Note can (and it can be carried in a shirt pocket)! However, my nearest station is twenty miles or so, and the nearest bus stop beyond walking distance so I tend not to use either very much.

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