Ipad 2 Problem - Laptop Doesnt Recognize It

  superhoops 16:19 PM 20 Sep 11


I have a problem that is driving me totally crazy.

I took delivery this morning of a new Ipad 2. I started iTunes and hooked the ipad up to my Windows 7 laptop. The usual noise that you get when you insert a usb device was there. However iTunes didnt recognize that I had plugged the ipad in and nothing happened. I tried 3 different cables but no difference. I uninstalled itunes and reinstalled but still nothing. I stopped and restarted Apple Services. I restarted the laptop, no good.

I plugged in my iphone 4 and it was immediately recognized by itunes. Not knowing what else to do I went to the Apple store and spoke to them about it. She hooked it up to a mac and it was recognized straight away. I went home and borrowed a neighbours laptop and it recognized it immediately.

This is driving me scatty, can anyone help? Thanks

  rawprawn 17:03 PM 20 Sep 11

Have a look in Admin Tools> Computer Management> Disk Management and see if it is showing there. Also in Device Manager> Disk Drives (perhaps if it is showing there uninstall the driver and reboot)

  superhoops 17:26 PM 20 Sep 11

Hi rawprawn Thnaks for the reply, the ipad isnt showing in either

  rawprawn 18:48 PM 20 Sep 11

Try plugging the iPad in, leave iy plugged into the USB and reboot.

  superhoops 23:23 PM 21 Sep 11

Thanks for the suggestions. I had a thought later and plugged in a USB wireless mouse that I hadn't used for a long time. That wasn't recognized either so I guessed that there was a problem with the laptop not seeing new hardware.i ended up setting the laptop back to factory state and then the iPad was recognized. Cheers. Superhoops


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