iMac Mail Page has changed

  Shikaree 08 Dec 12

Hi Gurus,

My iMac Mail Page has suddenly changed to a full Screen Page. I can't remember what I Clicked by mistake when opening my mail. I have Snow Leopard 10.6 & Mac Mail Version 4.6 (1085).

I can't get it back to the normal - Top of Page was FROM & Subject. Bottom of Page was the Body of the e-mail.

Please HELP!

  mgmcc 08 Dec 12

I'm not sure what it is that you're looking at in "full screen" because I can't emulate the problem. However, I'm using Mail version 6.2 in Mountain Lion and I suspect the program's appearance has changed. Generally, by moving the mouse to the very top right of the screen there is a double-headed arrow which, when clicked, brings you out of the full screen mode.

  bremner 08 Dec 12

Top right there is a small grey box with two diagonal arrows - click those it toogles between a window and full screen.

  Shikaree 08 Dec 12

Hi mgmcc,

On my iMac Mail This Page has <…> I have clicked on it many times earlier. This is what I get: No PPPoE configurations were found ( Not Highlighted). And… Open Network preferences - Highlighted - to Click - I think that's to do with the Ethernet connection.

My Full page has nothing on top Like Delete, etc. So to Delete or choose any other action I have to Click Edit and choose what I want.

On the Left hand side I have the Usual Inbox - but now I have an Icon also like a Filing Box. Before I only had INBOX and others as usual.. Sent - Thrash - On My Mac - my e-mail address, RSS, RSS Apple. So it has changed a bit.

The whole page on top has only FROM - Subject - Date Received - an Time received.

Thanks for your prompt reply

  Shikaree 08 Dec 12

Hi mgmcc & bremner,

I have got the BAR at the top back with all that I mentioned it did not have. I Clicked the Little White Oval shaped Box Top Right. But I still have a FULL Screen Page. Usually The E-mail has to the Subject line and the body Contents of the e-mail below. INBOX and others as usual.. Sent - Thrash - On My Mac - my e-mail address, RSS, RSS Apple.

Now to get back to the old system I had.I have done all that I can see but to no avail.


  bremner 08 Dec 12

Put the mouse cursor in the top right corner of the screen and the menu bar will appear. Then in the top right corner click on the small blue box with two diagonal arrows to exit full screen


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