iMac is acting like has a virus

  Karolina Petraityte 21:33 19 Feb 17

My first mymac keyboard sometimes after sleep doesn't work so I deleted the password. Secondly, I need 3-5 times to quite safari. It doesn't allow to force quit. Several times I needed to force shut my computer. Every time even when I quit safari when I turn on my computer pops a table with report about safari didn't quite last time. I can't delete safari because it shows that it is still open.. Now my apple mouse moves but doesn't click on open terminal, preferences and activity monitor BUT clicks on all finder files... I can't quit terminal, preferences and activity monitor. And my computer won't shut down... WHAT CAN I DO???

  HondaMan 12:36 20 Feb 17

We need more details; age of iMac; op/sys; keyboard. Have you added anything recently, hardware/software Have you tried using it with standard keyboard/mouse

  Sapins 13:23 20 Feb 17

Click on the "apple" top left of the screen then click restart, if this doesn't work click and hold on start button on the left side back and hold until the mac shuts down wait a minute and then click on the button to restart.

You can also have a "chat" with a technician via Apple/support.

  Karolina Petraityte 18:51 20 Feb 17

OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5 late 2013

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