If I buy Vista Premium and my machine cant???

  Johnnie_M 14:59 03 Feb 07

Hi all,

I was wondering, my laptop can take Vista Home Basic, but if I go out and buy the Premium edition would it make my machine run very slow or wold I just not get great performance rfom things like flip 3d??

AMD Turion ML32 1.8Ghz
1024mb RAM
80GB Hard Drive
ATI 200M Integrated graphics cards (32mb)

  pk46 16:04 03 Feb 07

I'm running it on a three year old computer ok here.
Why not by an OEM version of Vista £45 but you will have to buy something for a computer before they would sell to you IE a USB cable or a mouse.
wclick here

  PaulB2005 16:22 03 Feb 07

Link should be click here

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