I think I need an Excel Macro

  Chris the Ancient 14:37 22 Oct 09

Using Excel 2003.

I have a bespoke diary that I have built (and modified) over a number of years. Occasionally, I lose my place in it!

As it stands, time slots are detailed in the range B14:B69 and day/date info is detailed in the range C13:AR13. The page is scrolled with these elements always visible using 'Freeze Panes'.

Me being a little bit older and my varifocals not being 100% accurate, I have, once or twice, put an entry in the wrong place (usually on the time slot line) when I have moved well across the page.

Is there a way of 'highlighting' the _complete_ row and column of where my active cell is? (By, maybe, making the associated border red?)

  VoG II 15:01 22 Oct 09

Hi Chris.

Try this: select the entire range then apply this Conditional Formatting formula


and apply a suitable format (a pastel fill colour is quite good). Having set up the CF, right click the sheet tab, select View Code and paste in

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

then close the code window using ALT + Q.

  Chris the Ancient 15:05 22 Oct 09

long time, no chat!

Bear with me while I play.


  Chris the Ancient 15:25 22 Oct 09

Works a treat!

Now to find some 'sensible' ideas for my highlight - because I use different colour blocks for different types of event in the diary.

Many thanks.


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