How to remotely connect IPad to home printer?

  neleson 28 Jun 11

Hi, I am unable to connect my IPad to home printer. Any suggestion?

Printing Machines

  Crosstrainer2 28 Jun 11

If you have an HP, some models will work but it's limited. However, you can make any printer work by using a couple of apps.

First one you need is PrintNshare from the app store this must be running on your iPad to work. If your printer is wireless, the setup is fairly easy and should sort you out.

Other apps include WePrint which works when the PC is on if you have no wireless on your printer.

Email me if you need more info!

  bremner 28 Jun 11

What is the link for?

Crosstrainer there is no PM facility on the new forum.

  Crosstrainer2 28 Jun 11

bremner Oops sorry, but I'm sure that printnshare will solve the problem. it's about £1.79 from the app store.

Which link are you refering to?

  Crosstrainer2 28 Jun 11

Ah, you mean the link in the Hard Drive recorder thread? It's for the Toshiba I just bought, you mentioned that your son might want one and asked for a link....Sorry but I'm still trying to get to grips with the new web page linking system, and at the moment it's winning :))

  bremner 28 Jun 11

No the link in the OP 's initial posting titled "Printing Machines"

  Crosstrainer2 28 Jun 11

It's words that pop up when you are adding tags, still can't get the hang of them scrolling along in blue across the screen. I now see that they automatically link to ads. I didn't put them there, they just come up as suggestions when you are typing.

This new site is very different, but I guess ads are a feature of life these days.. Without them, we would have no PCA site.

  bremner 29 Jun 11


At the end of the original post and above the tags is this link Printing Machines


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