How to open an Apple 3.5 disc with a PC

  1936 03 Jul 12

I have a 3.5 disc I used as a backup some years ago when I was using an Apple. Could anyone tell me how I can open that on a PC?

  lotvic 04 Jul 12

This info might help ClickHere but depends on the floppy, I think you can only do HD 1.44Mb floppy format not the DD (400 KB or 800 KB) floppy disks (might be wrong about that but make sure you check before you buy software needed)

  rawprawn 04 Jul 12

If you know anyone with a Mac, open it there and copy it FAT to a USB.

  1936 04 Jul 12

I don't know anyone rich enough to own a Mac so I downloaded LogMeIn but I found no icon of the Mac floppy disc in the lefthand coluumn.

  1936 05 Jul 12

This question must have been asked a thousand times and although I have not yet seen an answer I live in hope. I wish to scan a large number of documents and I have been looking at the best way to do it. I know that if I scan to a TIFF File it will produce an accurate copy/scan but that will be impossible to alter or edit because it is after all just a photograph.[/font] I know that there is OCR software that purports to produce an acurate copy of what one scans in editable form but that normally produces more mistakes than I do at my w I also know that if I scan to PDF the same factors apply in that a PDF is also just a copy. There is also software that purports to produce a “searchable PDF” that allows one to “save to file” and “save to Microsoft Works”. The only problem is that this is just as full of spelling errors as OCR. Having rubbished the lot I wonder if anyone knows of software that will allow one to scan documents and produce reasonably accurate copies of what one scans.


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