How do I get into BIOS on eMachine 8210

  amyfleur 09:41 31 May 06

Does anyone know how I can get into BIOS on my eMachine PC? I need to get into SAFE mode, I think. Or better still get Windows to boot.

On boot-up I am getting a screen which tells me to press F1 but this makes no difference.

I have tried F8 as well.

I just cannot get into Windows or any other screen.

I use wireless keyboard and mouse - both are working (ie. lights up).

Many thanks.

  martjc 10:19 31 May 06

...Normally, these things need Windows drivers in order to work. Just because the light is one it doesn't mean there's anyone at home! All that means is there is power to the device.

  martjc 10:20 31 May 06

...if they are working, try F1, F2, F10, Del. I'll look it up further - any extra info I'll post here.

  amyfleur 10:53 31 May 06

I have tried all the F keys one at a time. I have tried Ctrl + Alt + Del. And also Ctrl + Alt + Ins.

  amyfleur 11:04 31 May 06

The screen says:

"Press F1 to continue, DEL to enter SETUP"

Also it says:

"BIOS Guardian enabled. You will need to disable BIOS Guardian to update BIOS."


I have replaced the batteries in the kbd and checked all the connections are firm.

I am going to replace the wireless kbd with the original wired one and see if that makes any difference. See whether I can move on from this screen. See if the F1 or DEL keypress will then work.

  terryf 11:41 31 May 06

press del to get into the bios setup BUT copy down the existing setting before you change ANYTHING. Next click here to find out about BIOS Guardian

  amyfleur 12:13 31 May 06

I've got the keyboard working. Windows XP started to load - then hung.

Switched off, waited a while, next time I got the options of SAFE mode etc.

Went into SAFE mode, got lines of text on screen. PC then hung again.

Switched off, waited a while, now my monitor says "No signal"

Rebooted - still "No signal"

Help! Any ideas as to what is happening?

  martjc 14:27 31 May 06

...Note: If you go into safe mode it does take a while to load. Sometimes you think it had hung but it's just doing beckground processing. Give it time.

Note 2: 'No signal' usually means the plug leading to the monitor has fallen out! Check this, then go into safe mode. You'll be able to more from there.

For support - including online chat with a support agent, try:
click here

  amyfleur 15:15 31 May 06

Checked all plugs and leads. Still got No Signal so I left the PC for an hour.

Then I got back to the SAFE screen again. Again the PC hung.

Re-booted, got No Signal. Tried twice more, got No Signal each time.

Left PC for an hour, got the SAFE screen. Ditto above.

Currently getting No Signal!!

Oh dear!

  amyfleur 15:17 31 May 06

I'm trying to get some help from eMachines website but it seems my 8210 is not on their list of products!!

I am going to send them an email and see where I go from there.

Their phone numbers are US and Canada. A bit pricey methinks.

  martjc 16:37 31 May 06's beginning to look like you have a heat problem. Is the processor fan running? Any strange sounds at all?
Try it with the side panel removed. If better, check there is no build up of dust on the fan blades. Clean them with compressed air or similar. Clean as much dust off the mother board as possible. Check that all components are correctlyseated in their slots - in fact, it may be better to remove and replace them.

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