alistair brown 14:26 23 Jan 12

Dear skeeg I was researching the downloading of Music from the internet.

As far as I can tell if you want to use Microsoft Windows operating system you cannot use Apples itunes to do this.

Can you please let me know which free or low cost non apple ones you can use.

If possible could you take me through the process having an Artists name and Album names.

The Artists name is Pete Hartley for example.


Alistair Brown.

  Terry Brown 14:33 23 Jan 12

Why not open a search engine and type in UTUBE ""

You can then use a U Tube down loader to save the music/video to your computer, or using audio software, save it that way.

Although strictly speaking this is Piracy as you are not paying for the music..


  Terry Brown 14:34 23 Jan 12

between the "" there should have been the artist name, but it did not appear.


  Ian in Northampton 15:27 23 Jan 12

Alistair: I think you are 100% mistaken. I'd guess that 90% of the downloads from Apple's iTunes store are made to computers running Windows.

  Woolwell 16:41 23 Jan 12

You can download music from Amazon.

Who's skeeg?

  Muergo 23:14 23 Jan 12

Why noy use Spotify, you can download music going back as far as 1920s should that be your desire and pay or not pay according to your tolerance of adverts or not.

  ams4127 23:24 23 Jan 12

Of course you can use iTunes on Windows. I do, and so do several million others.

  Ex plorer 23:31 23 Jan 12

skeeg (geeks)

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