How to delete messages from my IPad

  premier man 15:05 PM 29 Jan 13

Hi everyone

Can anyone tell me how to delete Facebook messages from my IPad, I have deleted them from my Facebook on my Mac PC but they are still showing on my IPad! Any ideas? Thanks Gordie

  Woolwell 16:17 PM 29 Jan 13

My understanding is that it should automatically sync ie delete from one and it is deleted from the other. However I am unable to currently check as I deleted a Facebook message from my desktop and now when I try to view messages on the Facebook App on either my iPad or iPhone the app immediately crashes. Upgraded to iOS 6.1 today and wonder if that is relevant to my crashes.

  Woolwell 16:33 PM 29 Jan 13

Now I've got it working and they should sync automatically.

  Woolwell 16:35 PM 29 Jan 13

Touch and hold on a message should bring up delete.

  premier man 17:50 PM 29 Jan 13

Woolwell Yes I thought it would sync as well,have tried press and hold but no luckgordie

  Woolwell 18:05 PM 29 Jan 13

I find the Facebook App a bit hit and miss.

  Woolwell 11:36 AM 30 Jan 13

The Facebook app is today displaying deleted and archived messages on my iPhone but not on my iPad. After reading one of the supposedly deleted messages it then became deleted.

I think that your problem and mine is down to a buggy app.

  premier man 15:17 PM 30 Jan 13

Woolwell Many thanks for your help, so far no joy....I have taken out Facebook and reloaded it, but still the same... it may right itself eventually! Regards Gordie


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