How can I create Macro to Open Application

  Jonah1000 09:44 03 Nov 04

How can I create Macro to Open another Application, I know in Visual Basic it's AppsActivate, but don't know how to create it, any help please?????.......

  Retired Hurt 09:54 03 Nov 04

Try this it works for me in both XP home and XP pro

click here

  Jonah1000 10:25 03 Nov 04

Thanks, but really need to know how to do this. Is there a way of doing it by clicking file, open, or something.......

  cherria 10:46 03 Nov 04

where do you want to run the macro from?

And how do you want to activate the macro.

If you simply want to launch an application and you'willing to go to file, open, why not put it on the start menu and select stary, application?

  Timmy!! 11:05 03 Nov 04

What's wrong with the 'Quick Launch' bar presuming you have Windows?

  Jonah1000 11:47 03 Nov 04

Thanks, but I'm trying to automate copying and pasting text from Word to another application by the click of a button, but I will need the macro to open the other application in order to do this, I know in the Visual Basic Editor that the command is AppsActivate.

  MAJ 12:03 03 Nov 04

Is it not AppActivate rather than AppsActivate? click here

  Jonah1000 14:06 03 Nov 04

Thanks, but how do I generate that (AppsActivate) by creating a macro, I've tried to select the other application when recording the macro, but it is not recording once I leave Word. Come on Guys....please help.......

  rogertjj 16:12 03 Nov 04

What other Application do you want to Open ?

This may work:

myApp = Shell("(insert path of program here e.g. C:\Winnt\Notepad.exe")

When you run this line of code, it will run the application.

  rogertjj 16:17 03 Nov 04

Also, the AppActivate function will only activate an Application that is alreay open e.g.

AppActive "Microsoft Excel".

It wont execute the program, so you have to make sure it is running first.

  cherria 17:04 03 Nov 04

I don't think you can record and appactivate macro using the macro recorder. I think you have to program it using the VB editor in Word.

Once you have got past the appactivate, you will then need to look at sendkeys to send keystrokes to the other application to effect the paste function.

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