How can I connect an IMac (OSX) to a WinXP laptop?

  twodogs 19:09 10 Mar 04

Hi all,
Well, it's as simple as this (or not in our case!)...

I have an Acer TravelMate 291LMi (XP Pro), and my mate has an IMac G4 (OS X 10.3.2).

Is it possible - and better still easy - to link the two together using a peer to peer LAN in order to transfer files between machines in both directions.

Thanks in advance,


  -Beb- 19:18 10 Mar 04

It is possible to networks macs and pcs via a router and it isnt particularly difficult either. However I do not know whether you can do a P2P connection

  twodogs 19:23 10 Mar 04

I have a USR9016 wireless router at home, so maybe I should get laddo to get an Airport card for the Imac and bring it round to mine...that should sort it out one way or another!



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