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  HenryVII 27 Dec 11

Kit: Desktop (Win 7), wireless laptop (Vista), iPad 2, iPod Touch

The laptop commicates wirelessly with the newtwork. My iPod links, through the network, with the desktop PC and I can receive my emails on both.

We each have separate email accounts through the same TalkTalk broadband connection - TalkTalk allows up to 5 email addresses.

My wife, who has the laptop and iPad, cannot receive her emails via the iPad. I wonder whether this is because the iPad cannot connect wirelessly with the laptop.

  daisy2bell 27 Dec 11

Can your wife not just log into aol mail via the safari browser on the iPad, and read the emails. That's how I do it.

  Woolwell 27 Dec 11

The iPad gets its e-mails from the ISP in the same way as the e-mail client on the laptop. The iPad does not have to connect to the laptop to get the e-mails. Has the email account been set up on the iPad?

You will need to change the settings so that e-mails are left on the server otherwise there will be no e-mails to download at either the laptop or iPad depending on which read the e-mails first. Alternatively use imap.

  KRONOS the First 27 Dec 11

On the iPad go to settings then mail, contacts then add account. There you will need to input your login details for your email account.

Of course if you have not yet connected wirelessly with your wi-fi via your router then you will be unable to connect to your email account.

  HenryVII 27 Dec 11

I think the problem may have emmanated from when my wife set up her email a/c in Outlook on her laptop, and perhaps used a different password. Up to now I have assumed that she would have been obliged to use the same password as I do, since we use the same ISP (TalkTalk) Broadband line. If this is not the case, then she will have to recall the password she used. She can still receive emails on her laptop in Outlook and has set up the iPad details to mirror the Outlook settings.

  KRONOS the First 27 Dec 11

Yes she will have her own password to her email account. I have at least 5 email accounts and each has it's own password, it matter not what your ISP is.

  Woolwell 27 Dec 11

However if all the e-mails are already on the laptop and she hasn't set it to leave e-mails on the server then there will be none to download to the ipad.


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