Home Network With Mac OS X 10.7.3 and Windows XP

  Big Trev 27 Apr 12


I have a mac running OSX 10.7.3, attached to which is a printer. I have two other PCs in the house, each running XP SP3. How do I set up a home network so we can share files and the printer?

  Forum Editor 28 Apr 12

Click here for information about how to set up file sharing.

Click here for information about how to share the printer.

  mgmcc 28 Apr 12

As you've got OSX 10.7.3 (the latest version of Lion), it should find the "shared" folders in the Windows PCs without you having to do anything additional. In Finder's menu, just select "Go > Network" and it should find the Windows PCs. To Share the Mac's folders go into System Preferences then, in the Internet & Wireless section, click the Sharing icon and tick File Sharing and Printer Sharing. To share a particular folder, right click and "Get Info" then tick the box to share the folder.

  Big Trev 29 Apr 12

Thanks guys. I've got file sharing going, but I can't get the Windows PCs to see the printer. Is there an address it can be found at?

  mgmcc 29 Apr 12

I have only ever done it the other way round - a printer connected to a Windows PC and shared so the Mac can use it. If you need an address, presumably you could use the Mac's IP address, although you might have to allocate a fixed address.


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