Has Apple over done it?

  jack 17:55 19 Sep 10

I notice that there are many spam items offering iPad- discounted/raffled/overstock/auctioned.

Whenever something like this pops up I begin to wonder if it was such a wonder after all.
Glad I did not get hooked.

  MAJ 17:59 19 Sep 10

"many spam items offering iPad- discounted/raffled/overstock/auctioned."

Maybe spam = scam??

  jack 08:44 20 Sep 10

Oh yes that too!

  interzone55 12:16 20 Sep 10

Apple kit is nice, but it's over-hyped and over-priced.

Unfortunately many people in the media fall for this hype and promote the kit for them.

Apple's marketing budget for the iPad was roughly 1/4 of the amount AT&T spent promoting the iPad in the US.

Apple fans flock like sheep to the launch of any new shiny product launch and spend more of their hard earned cash on Steve Job's pension fund, just for Apple to improve the product slightly and sell the bug fixed product as iPad 2 or whatever, and the sheep flock round again, totally oblivious to the fact that they're being fleeced...

  Joseph Kerr 12:38 20 Sep 10

I agree, but you've just described those who bought Vista, and those who "bought" the talk by Microsoft bods (quickly squashed by their superiors at teh time) that Vista's successor would be a whole new world of bla blah blah. Yes, it was supposed to be something far removed from what we have come to think of as an OS. We got Vista 2: a little better, but still full of fluff you don't need.

Sorry, just a little spleen venting from someone who has (very, so the jury is still out)recently become a Win 7 user.

"t was supposed to be something far removed from what we have come to think of as an OS"


What would you have liked to have seen in a new OS. Or would you prefer the world to stick with XP for the rest of time?

  spuds 12:50 20 Sep 10

Isn't consumer law being looked at again, in regards to all these 'enticements' and false advertising?.

Perhaps a savior for the more gullible :O))

  jack 16:40 20 Sep 10

with new ideas/concepts simply to keep going.
Be Cars/Washing machines, any consumer durable.
I have oft though that if the PC was kept to strictly 'Business' use, then the development could have ended with say Intel 4 series and NT O/S it would have coped with pretty well all business applications- Intel would have shut up shop and Bill Gates too.
But to keep going- new stuff has to be produced and the gullible public enticed to buy.
I once worked for a car main dealer[no names no pack drill]
August[new model time] was approaching fast- but the stock yard was choc full of unsold current stock- what shall we do?
The answer came in a truck load of boxes- stuffed with self adhesive logo's now seat covers, and other goodies- We have had delivery of the new season version of existing models.

  jack 16:44 20 Sep 10

wrote Alan14
True- but is also true that print industry[in the main**] broadcast media has always used Apple kit.

** Alongside-ARM RISC Archimedes with smaller firms.

  interzone55 17:19 20 Sep 10

"True- but is also true that print industry[in the main**] broadcast media has always used Apple kit."

Yes, but I doubt you'd manage to run Adobe InDesign on an iPad

  al's left peg 14:45 22 Sep 10

It's my birthday today and my missus has bought me a brand shiny new Imac.

I have got to say I am well impressed with it upto now. Like every Apple product I own, I believe it is crafted, not built. The quality is outstanding in my opinion and very easy to use.
I have an old Toshiba Laptop which is as tough as old boots but this is something else.

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