Greyed out iPad

  Yorkie 1 11:46 AM 20 Nov 11

I have an iPad2 that that seems to have locked up with the lower part of the screen greyed out. Any ideas out there please?

  Forum Editor 12:10 PM 20 Nov 11

Try resetting it.

1.Press the hold and home buttons at the same time. The hold button is the one on the top right corner of the iPad. The home button is the round one at the bottom center of the iPad's front

2.Continue to hold these buttons until one of two things happen: either the screen will flash and go dark, or a red slider will appear at the top of the screen

3.If the slider appears, slide it to the right to turn off the iPad

4.When the screen goes dark, the iPad is off

5.Restart by holding down the Hold button until the Apple icon appears. Let go of the buttons and the reset will be complete.

  gengiscant 12:12 PM 20 Nov 11

You probably will need to reset your Ipad I have had to do it once myself, nothing was lost so it is not a big deal.Have a look here.Reset Ipad

  Yorkie 1 12:22 PM 20 Nov 11

Many, many thanks guys. So simple, yet so baffling. All's well now, thanks again


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