Freelancer reboots my machine!!

  Erishkigal 18:55 13 May 03

I'm having problems with a game called Freelancer. In case you haven't played it before it's a space fighter game where you are hired to do jobs for people. To get around the game you use Jump gates or jump holes. Most of the time, whilst using a jump gate, when I come out at the other side my machine spontaniously reboots itself! I'm running the game in XP and have tried running it as a '95, '98 and 2000 game within XP - no change. I'm using a Gainward GeForce4 Ti 4200 graphics card - I'd have thought it'd be up to the job! I am also running Direct x 9 - would this make a difference?

  BrianW 19:25 13 May 03

May be able to help knock out a few options: I am running freelancer on a win98se system,(with DX9 loaded), Gainward MX440 AGP8X card, Duron 1300 cpu, 512 mb ddr2700 all sat on a GA-7AXP. Stable as a rock.

So, its unlikely to be your Graphics card, DX9 or OS.

Is the spontaneous reboot only in XP? or do you see it in all OSs?

Have you checked system temps? (I find that I only push about an additional 5C into the CPU even after a long session).

  Erishkigal 20:10 13 May 03

The temps are fine, nothing wrong there.

I don't have any other OS installed - will install 98 and try it. In the meantime, any other suggestions people?

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