Fomatting a machine with Linux running???

  catman2000 17:07 13 May 03

Hi all, i am trying to format a machine with Linux installed, but i cant get the system to boot from the cd rom.

I think i have formatted the harddrive using fdisk etc, but now i need to boot from cd to run a setup. Any ideas anyone....


  powerless 18:53 13 May 03

Have you gone into the BIOS and set it to boot from the CD first?

  catman2000 19:02 13 May 03

yep, but still no joy?

  powerless 19:10 13 May 03

Do you recieve a message, saying boot failure?

  catman2000 19:27 13 May 03

when i turn the pc on, it say that the cdrom is not found, although there isd a win 98 cd in, it will boot from floppy if needed, although even from there it wont read the cd rom. It goes to boot from the HD but obviously nothing happens.....

  powerless 19:30 13 May 03

You may have an ubootale CD drive - it's too old.

So you'll have to use Linux floppy boot disc. Which Linux Version are you using?

(i have not actually done this put Linux tell you all about it)

  catman2000 20:47 13 May 03

unfotunately i have bo idea what version it had!!! The pc was given to me as one that needed repairing, and i thought it might be a case of formatting and starting again!!! MAYBE NOT HEY!!!

Can i get a Linux boot disk from anywhere?

  powerless 21:04 13 May 03

Alternative Boot Methods click here This is one way.

If you stick the first disk in your Windows computer you will be able to see the linux files and the name of the disk. Usually the name of the disk is the version of Linux.

  catman2000 21:10 13 May 03

thanks powerless, i'll give them a go and keep you posted!

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